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Hi There
Welcome to RussLeach.com.
I am a professional illustrator living in the UK
with an unhealthy love of all things comic strip!
This site is where you can view my latest work.

I've worked on a range of popular titles
including Batman Magazine, Ben 10 Magazine
for Cartoon Network, drawing licensed Marvel
characters for 'Draw The Marvel Way' and a
continuing run penciling and inking Doctor Who
strips for the BBC and PaniniUK.

All the work here has been produced by me. There
are some guest artists on colour and ink duties and
I am constantly referring to those talented
individuals via Facebook and Twitter.

Creative Partners

Russ Leach is proud to have been involved in multiple projects with the publishers and studios below.

Arrow Comics DC Newhaven - Viking Press Comics
Panini Cartoon Network Draw The Marvel Way
Aces Weekly BBC WorldWide and CBBC Unstoppable Comics